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Elevevate Your Practice Revenue Cycle
  1. Claims Denied and Rejected?
    Claims Denied and Rejected?
    How quickly are your claims being paid and denials followed up on? Ours are paid in 7-10 days with a rejection rate less than 2%.
  2.   Practice Leaking Cash-Flow?
    Practice Leaking Cash-Flow?
    Is your Practice suffering from decreasing revenues, Cash-Flow leaks or even losing money? We specialize in optimizing Cash-Flow
  3.     Confident in Billing Team?
    Confident in Billing Team?
    How confident are you in your current in-house or outsourced billing and coding proficiency? 25 Years Experience with billing issues!

Medical Billing Specialists

Transparency  ~  Loyalty  ~  Integrity

Revenue Cycle Consultation

We are Certified Medical Revenue Managers and can provide you with a complimentary, no obligation Practice Assesment to illustrate how to drastically, and immediately improve your bottom-line.
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Billing and Claims Processing
Done Right - The 1st Time
We partner with you to solve your problems and add value to your Practice.

We are much more than a billing partner. We become your business partner.

Our state of the art billing platform allows your practice to shift the focus of your valuable staff time WITHOUT....

  • ...dealing with ​ rejected/denied claims.  Because most claims are accepted on first submission, you’ll get more reimbursement quickly.

  • …wondering where in the revenue cycle your money is.… 100% transparency on every dollar of your Revenue - Anytime Day or Night

  • …spending valuable time verifying insurance eligibility.  Our iClaim system offers real-time eligibility verification for all patients, reducing dramatically the time needed to track down insurance eligibility.

  • …being tied to the office hassling with insurance companies .  Our professionals handle the entire billing process for you  - for a much lower cost than you might think.  

Securing for you the highest amount of revenue possible - as fast as possible is our specialty​

Allowing you to focus on YOUR specialty—providing excellent patient care.​

Why Partner with Us?

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We know you're committed to taking excellent care of your patients, but when was the last time you took a close look at your business? 

We specialize in making the business side of your practice run smoothly, efficiently, and much more profitable. Professional, effective Revenue Cycle Management is the heart of a profitable private medical practice. This is all we do; we partner with you to handle the mundane revenue cycle to make you more profitable. 

Our state of the art iClaim Practice Management System consists of the patient scheduler/demographics, insurance eligibility check, billing system, and insurance clearinghouse all in one. Integrate iClaim with EMRx, our Electronic Health Record (EHR), and your efficiency, accuracy and profitability just increased significantly; sometimes by over 30%, simply because of rejected claims now being processed and paid.

Also, couple iClaim and EMRx with several other of our integrated practice solutions and you will have more time to spend doing what you are called to do – care for your patients. 

Isn't it time you took a few minutes to focus on your needs? 

Let us help you keep the business side of your practice as healthy as you keep your patients! 

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